Humboldt Colloquium 

“Research without Borders – Alexander von Humboldt’s Legacy Today”

Madrid, Spain
11 – 13 April 2019


Deadline for registration: 16 December 2018

Welcome to the Humboldt Colloquium “Research without Borders – Alexander von Humboldt’s Legacy Today”!

Please register until 16 December 2018(even in case you are unable to attend).
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Madrid in April 2019!

For questions concerning conference organisation

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Data protection declaration

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I herewith agree to Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH to collect, store and process my personal data. I understand that my personal data as well as further data contained in my registration will be used for purposes of the event only.
I further agree that the following data may be printed in a list of participants and a Networking Guide distributed to participants: academic title, first name, surname, country, portrait photo, contact details of my home institute, contact details of the host institute and academic host, email address, field of research, a summary of your current research activities, related keywords and a brief biography including a photograph.

The registration data will be handed over to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) for the purpose of conducting the event and will be deleted from our servers six months after the end of the event. A passing on to third parties does not take place.

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Participation in Programme
Additional Information
Organised meals for all participants start with the reception on 11 April and end with lunch on 13 April 2019. The expenses for all organised meals are covered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. If you prefer vegetarian food, please indicate.
Travel Expenses
If your current place of research lies outside Madrid, travel and accomodation expenses will be reimbursed according to the chart of travel allowances (please see download area on top of the form) if they cannot be covered by a third party. Please note that you have to arrange for your accommodation yourself. Please also note that travel and accommodation expenses cannot be covered for participants from Madrid and the surrounding area.

Travelling and accommodation expenses of early career researchers nominated by DFG, DAAD or other German science funding organisations will be paid by the respective organisation.
For applicants who do not live in Madrid:
Short presentation and poster during the Colloquium
All participants are invited to apply for a short presentation (max. ten minutes) during the workshops on 12 April 2019 and to indicate whether they would like to present a poster of their current research on that date. In addition, the so-called Networking Guide, the conference handbook, will be published, in which all participants can present themselves with a CV and an abstract of their current research. Please indicate below which of these options you would like to use (both options are possible).

Please note: To be considered for a short presentation of your current research, you need to submit an abstract via the abstract submission form.

The abstract will be published in the Networking Guide as well (only one abstract per person).
Abstract for Networking Guide

To further facilitate academic contacts during the colloquium, we will provide the so-called Networking Guide, and kindly ask you to provide information about yourself and your current research project.

Please introduce yourself by 28 November 2018 by submitting the following documents via the abstract submission form:

• a recent photo of yourself (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .doc, .docx file, minimum size of 600 KB, maximum size of 5 MB)
• a brief biography (running prose text, up to 1,500 characters, no tab form)
• an abstract of your current academic projects with title (running prose text, up to 3,000 characters, no tab form).

Additionally, we will print your contact details and data concerning your field of research in the Networking Guide.

Further Information

In case of cancellation, please inform Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH immediately. We ask for your understanding that in case of cancellation after 5 April 2019 (except for medical or personal emergencies) or non-attendance without prior cancellation, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will have to charge you the cost of your stay.

Conference Documents
You will receive the conference documents upon arrival at the registration desk at the venue.

Name Tag
Upon registration you will receive your name tag. Please wear it during the entire conference as it will make it easier for all participants to address each other.

Photographer and Press during the Colloquium
We would like to inform you that a photographer contracted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will be present at the Humboldt Colloquium. The photographs taken may be published by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in the context of information and public relations work and on the Foundation’s internal social network. They will not be used for commercial purposes. If you do not agree with the publication of photographs, please inform Nina Hafeneger ( by 8 April 2019. Moreover, we would like to inform you that selected journalists will be present during the event.

Please note that participation takes place at your own risk. We ask for your understanding that neither the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation nor Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH is liable for any losses, accidents or damages, irrespective of which cause, to people and property during travel as well as during the conference and all accompanying events.